Joseph Coleman and Brian Satisky Named Check Cashers of the Year by FiSCA and Cheklist Magazine

(Colorado Springs, CO, November 3, 2003) - Joseph Coleman, president of RiteCheck Cashing Inc. in New York, and Brian Satisky, vice president and co-owner of A&B Check Cashing in Baltimore, were named co-recipients of the Check Casher of the Year award given by the Financial Service Centers of America (FiSCA) and Cheklist magazine at FiSCA’s National Conference and Exposition held last weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Coleman and Satisky were awarded for their innovative and highly successful partnerships with local credit unions, bringing much-needed financial products and services to underserved communities.

“Joe Coleman and Brian Satisky are leaders and innovators, moving our industry forward with exciting programs that benefit consumers,” said William Siegel, chairman of FiSCA. “These groundbreaking partnerships with credit unions demonstrate how the infrastructure built by FiSCA members can be used to improve access to financial services and increase options for communities.”

Joe Coleman and RiteCheck partnered with two credit unions in New York City - the $72 million Actors Federal Credit Union and the $100 million Bethex Federal Credit Union – to allow credit union members to make deposits to the credit union accounts through RiteCheck’s check cashing locations.

“Our partnerships with Actors and Bethex give people much-needed options,” said Coleman. “The products offered by credit unions are attractive to our customers. The convenient locations and hours of operation of our stores are convenient to credit union customers. This partnership works because both organizations and our customers benefit.”

Brian Satisky and A&B Check Cashers partnered with the Social Security Administration of Baltimore Federal Credit Union and Operation Reachout Southwest, a local community action organization, to launch “Our Money Place.” The program brings financial products and services to underserved consumers.

“Although many banks have abandoned neighborhoods, FiSCA members have found a good partner in local credit unions,” said Satisky. “This partnership works because it benefits both entities, but more importantly benefits consumers. We’ve worked really hard to nurture our relationship with the SSA Baltimore Federal Credit Union and I could not be prouder of what we’ve accomplished.”

Mr. Coleman, a member of the FiSCA Board of Directors, is also an active member of the Check Cashers Association of New York (CCANY). Since 1990, he has served CCANY in several capacities, including secretary, treasurer, president, chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee and chairman of the Joint Industry Committee.

Mr. Satisky has been in the check cashing business for 25 years and has served the industry as a member of the FiSCA Board of Directors and as president of the Maryland Association of Financial Service Centers for the last decade.


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