Chairman's Message

A Letter from Eric Norrington
Chairman of the Financial Service Centers of America

Thank you for visiting the official website of the Financial Service Centers of America. FiSCA is a national trade association that represents thousands of financial services providers across the country.

Financial services providers have served millions of unbanked or underbanked Americans for more than 60 years. Consumers turn to FiSCA members for money orders, electronic bill payments, money transfers, small dollar, short-term loans, ATM access, government benefit and payroll payments, payday advance, tax preparation, prepaid debit cards, deposit acceptance services, and numerous other financial and consumer services.

In addition to providing financial products and services, FiSCA members continue to advocate on behalf of their consumers to have the voices of consumers heard by elected officials at the state and federal levels. Earlier this year, the White House issued a response to FiSCA's We the People petition, which was signed by more than 105,000 people, asking the administration to oppose the short-term loan rules proposed by the CFPB. FiSCA has also had other successful initiatives including a postcard campaign and a letter writing campaign. Together, these initiatives serve a critical purpose - advocating on behalf of our consumers.

Members of Congress have told us that it is very impactful to hear from their constituents about their need for access to short term credit. Through FiSCA's initiatives, customers have had the opportunity to share stories about taking out a short-term loan to help with college tuition, emergency medication or unexpected car repairs. These are the stories that we hear every day.

FiSCA and its members believe that Americans have a right to financial freedom that needs to be protected, and we are proud to serve the communities where we live and work.


Eric Norrington