FiSCA Endorses NetSpend Card

"FiSCA is pleased to endorse NetSpend GPR cards. They offer real value and flexibility."

- Joseph M. Doyle, Chairman, FiSCA

The NetSpend Advantage

By partnering with NetSpend, FiSCA members can bring their customers comprehensive end-to-end prepaid debit card services while also enjoying important business advantages, including:

  • No start-up costs. NetSpend provides all coard stock, marketing materials and customer service.
  • Increased revenue potential. You make commissions from the activity on the NetSpend cards you sell - even if the customer moves away.
  • Dedicated partner service support. NetSpend provides program implementation, guidance and risk/compliance assistance.
  • Convenient and secure. Because NetSpend is integrated into many third-party software packages, you may be able to sell and load the cards using your current system. If not, NetSpend provides a secure browser-based interface.

Click here to learn more about the advantages of offering the NetSpend GPR Card Program. NetSpend GPR Cards are issued by B of I Federal Bank; The Bancorp Bank; and MetaBankTM.

What FiSCA Members say about NetSpend:

"The NetSpend card can be the solution that gives customers a payment option that works for them while providing a means for FiSCA members to retain, and even strengthen, the customer relationship. That has certainly been the case with our customers."

- Joe Coleman, President of RiteCheck Cashing, former FiSCA Chairman

"We have been offering NetSpend cards at our stores nationwide for some time now and the customer response has been very positive. They like the flexibility it offers and it is another product offering that helps us be more responsive to changing market demands. For us, it's a winner."

- Richard Barr, President of Community Financial Service Centers of America

What customers say about NetSpend:

"I can get online at any time, and I can check my balance from my phone. My financial life's great because I have control over my finances. What I have, what I spend, what I save, where it goes. NetSpend gives me the option of better budgeting. I recommend NetSpend for the features it offers."

- Jaime G. - Health Card Administrator Image

"The great thing about direct deposit is you don't have to wait as long for your money. NetSpend gives me control of my money, and I don't have to worry about going over my balance. It gives me great control when it comes to budgeting."

- Nancy H. - Accounting Employee     Image

To learn more about partnering opportunities with NetSpend, please visit the NetSpend website or send an email to: