FiSCA spearheaded and initiated the National Savings Program, which features a revolutionary mechanism through which consumers can establish an FDIC-insured, savings account linked to the NetSpend All-Access Prepaid Card.

The savings accounts in this one-of-a-kind program require no minimum balance and carry no fees. Cardholders can easily transfer money back and forth between the debit card and their savings account at no charge.

These savings accounts currently earn interest at a 5% rate, significantly higher than most banks or credit unions are offering today.


Since its inception, nearly 100,000 FiSCA customers have opened accounts through the Savings Program. In January of 2008, the Savings Program saw record deposits of $3.7 million, reflecting the choice of thousands of customers to deposit their tax refunds into these high-interest, savings accounts.

In total, cardholders have deposited approximately $66.5 million into these savings accounts since the beginning of the program.

The National Savings Program is available to consumers exclusively through FiSCA member locations.