Credit Building

The need for a credit rating that is recognized by home and auto lenders, insurance companies, employers and others is fundamental. Millions of Americans do not have traditional credit relationships and, therefore, are unable to develop credit files.  As a result, they cannot obtain the credit they need at competitive rates. Image
They are targets for subprime loans for cars and homes despite the fact that these same consumers pay rent, utility and other bills in cash on a monthly basis without fail at neighborhood FSCs. These payments are not reported to the top three U.S. credit bureaus.

With that in mind FiSCA formed an alliance with PRBC (Payment Reporting Builds Credit), an FCRA- compliant credit bureau to enable these cash-based consumers – for the first time ever - to build a credit file and score (sometimes immediately upon sign-up) based on their history of making rent and other recurring bill payments.

The PRBC credit score can be used to demonstrate creditworthiness when applying for housing, credit, insurance, and employment. Through the credit scores provided by this collaboration between FiSCA & PRBC, it is anticipated that customers will obtain needed auto, mortgage and other loans at prevailing rates, get better rates on insurance products, and enjoy other benefits not previously available to them.

No other program exists to provide these responsible consumers the access to credit that they deserve.